Mastering the Art of Social Networking: The Emergence of Websites Like LinkedIn


In the modern world, business networking has moved significantly from a conventional face-to-face approach to virtual platforms. One such pioneer for professional networking is LinkedIn, significantly revolutionized the landscape of professional networking. In its advent, emerged a myriad of LinkedIn-like websites which also serve as competent engines for professional progression.

Section 1: Structuring the New Age Professional Sphere

Being online is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s landscape. With more than 675 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Nonetheless, other LinkedIn-like websites are also creating ripples in this domain. The rise of these websites amplifies the gear-shift in how businesses network, recruit, and promote themselves online.

Section 2: Considering the Contenders

The domain of professional networking websites is not confined to LinkedIn. Competitors are manifesting themselves in similar capacities and delivering competent performances across various sectors.

Xing is an evident example of LinkedIn-like websites, primarily focusing on the German-speaking population. It has the impeccable quality of providing essential career-related resources with localization. Likewise, AngelList caters primarily to startups, venture capitalists, and job seekers within the startup ecosystem, positioning itself as a compelling alternative to LinkedIn.

Section 3: The Role of Sector-Specific Networking Websites

LinkedIn-like websites have not only competed on a broad scope but have also indulged themselves in sector-specific networking. Behance and Dribbble, for instance, are tailored for artists and designers. Similarly, GitHub empowers developers to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. This sector-specific alignment resonates with audiences seeking industry-centric engagement.

Section 4: The Power of Localized Networking Websites

Local professional networking websites such as Viadeo (popular in France) and Tencent (China) have grown significantly in their geographies. They offer a more personalized platform for networking, pertaining to the cultural nuances of their regions. Overlooking these LinkedIn-like websites could deprive one of potentially engaging networking opportunities.

Section 5: Understanding the Nuances of Professional Networking Websites

While LinkedIn holds the largest share, rising players possess specific strengths that challenge LinkedIn’s dominion. Understanding the nuances of these LinkedIn-like websites involves appreciating their areas of focus, be it industry-specific networking, startup-oriented platforms, geography-specific alignment, or an all-encompassing approach. Each caters to a different section of the professional community.

Section 6: Evaluation of LinkedIn-like Websites

The emergence of professional networking websites, similar to LinkedIn, has amplified the virtual networking dynamics. While some capture an all-encompassing approach like LinkedIn, others suggest innovative ways of networking by focusing on localized, sector-specific, and startup-oriented platforms. It is essential to acknowledge these competitors’ offerings to maximize one’s professional networking capability.

Section 7: Anticipating the Future of Professional Networking

The ascension of professional networking websites suggests a continuous evolution of online networking. While LinkedIn stands tall, new players stand to challenge this status quo. By capitalizing on industry-specific networking needs, geographic preferences, and opening new avenues for startups, LinkedIn-like websites are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of professional networking.


In essence, the emergence of LinkedIn-like websites epitomizes the evolutionary nature of professional networking. While LinkedIn’s reign continues, websites like Xing, AngelList, Viadeo, Tencent, and others represent significant advancements in the realm of professional networking, promising newer opportunities and synergies for professionals globally.






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